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Merry Christmas and a Happy End of the World: A Fun Festive Adventure for Human Children of All Ages

‘Roast my parsnips and call me Brian. IT’S TIME TO SAVE CHRISTMAS!’

A high-octane, delightfully silly, festive adventure story by fantasy author Iestyn Long.

Jump into the blue and join Bennie and his friends on a whirlwind adventure this Yuletide-a fun, festive story for all the family!

It’s nearly Christmas, and all the turkeys are going missing. Bennie and his friends investigate the mystery but soon find themselves in the thick of a dastardly plot.

After encountering a peculiar creature deep in the woods, Bennie and his friends are whisked away on a fantastical adventure that carries them to bizarre, far-flung places and exposes them to a terrifying enemy.

To rescue Christmas and the planet, Bennie and his friends must coax Earth’s most reclusive hero from retirement.
Can Bennie and his friends SAVE CHRISTMAS and THE PLANET from disaster?Or will Humanity rue the day they first served roast turkey for Christmas dinner?Find out in this rip-roaring festive yarn suitable for kids and adults alike!
Be careful what you eat this Christmas. It might just come back and bite you.


Praise for Iestyn’s first book, Timothy Williams Demon Hunter:

‘A full-on teenage adventure. Original, humorous and highly imaginative. A rip-roaring read!’ BookViral

‘Great story full of adventure, excitement and humour’ Amazon Customer

‘Great read for lovers of Pratchett’ Amazon Customer

‘Harry Potter with an angelic flair!’ Amazon Customer

‘A brilliant storyline and excellent characterisation help bring to life the all-action battle scenes, the pace of which compels the reader to turn the page’ Amazon Customer

‘The stakes are high, the supporting players are from on high, and there’s magic and demons, and historical battles… a brilliant novel and well worth your time. It’s billed as YA and features kids, but sometimes labels can be deceiving. This one can, and should, be enjoyed by anyone, say, 11 years old to 111 years old’ Amazon Customer

Iestyn Long lives with his family in the historic village of Lavenham, in the English countryside. He is reasonably tall and narrow, has a shortage of hair, and although English, he has a Welsh name that is a constant confusion to one and all. While listening to the tunes of Sir Cliff, Iestyn enjoys observing ants, stroking sparrows and drinking copious amounts of tea. Iestyn writes fantasy fiction for teens, freaks and grown-up geeks. Expect adventure, monsters, magic swords, dark humour and epic battles.


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