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A Graveyard in Algiers: Book four in the Muhammad Amalfi Mystery Series (The Muhammad Amalfi Mysteries 4)

Exciting action in the home of the fearless Barbary Corsairs.

An inexperienced investigator’s first case of murder upon murder plunges him headlong into the underworld of the Mediterranean’s most notorious city.

A riveting historical mystery that plays out on the coast of North Africa.

Following an exorcism gone wrong, Chief Commissioner Muhammad finds evidence of alchemy, debauchery, religious excess, and murder at a lonely hillside villa outside the city of Algiers leased to a British baron and his naturalist wife in the year 1794. On his first case since his appointment to high office by the mercurial Dey of Algiers, Muhammad’s investigation is thwarted by his inexperience, crafty Arab tribesmen, scheming European women and greedy sea captains. When the bodies begin to pile up, amidst a devastating onslaught of locusts, Muhammad realizes his new position and his life are in jeopardy if he’s unable to deliver justice to the guilty.

A Graveyard in Algiers was Runner Up in the UK’s prestigious Beverly Prize for Literature.


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