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Richard Warren, aged ten, is growing up in the North Yorkshire village of Ledder Bridge. Through verdant fields and meandering brooks, life is simple and easy, far from the turmoil of the Cold War world. When an adventure with his older brother Peter Warren goes wrong and Richard finds himself trapped in the dark depths of an abandoned quarry, it kick-starts a chain of events that brings him into contact with work, family conflict, and the dreaded English class system. Will Richard be able to persevere and become wise well beyond his tender years?

Part of the Made in Yorkshire saga:

1969 (Made in Yorkshire Book 2)

1972 (Made in Yorkshire Book 3)

Free on 26th - 28th Sep 19
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"This novel of childhood in Yorkshire is well-written, flowing, and requires a sequel. Luckily there's a series."

Reviewer: .

Growing up on a Yorkshire farm, Richard Warren age 11, is a typical farmer's lad in the post-war years. This is the story of 1964, from his hobby of writing, to his friendship with a local drunk and problems with the local land owners, whose lack of compassion costs him a friend and could cost his family everything.

A fascinating blend of children's views and adult cynicism, Made in Yorkshire 1964 is an easy but enjoyable read. I didn't notice any spelling errors or grammar problems, and the writing is deceptively simply yet descriptive and flowing. It isn't just the characters that are well-observed and familiar. This is a portrait of an entire community, its tensions and politics, struggles and triumphs, throughout the year, as seen through the eyes of one small boy.

Although it is about a child this is not really a children's book. It is childhood seen from an adult's view and while older children and teenagers may enjoy it, many references may be a little cynical for younger ones.

Well-written, enjoyable and flowing, and I want to see more from this author. Luckily there are sequels.

Rating: 4

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rz3300 (15 October 2016)
Sometimes the stories about childhoods have a way of making the day a little better, and I am not really sure why, but I am always open for giving it a try. This sounds pretty good too, and having it well written is always a plus of course.

clair02 (15 October 2016)
Childhood stories are sometimes the best because we can all relate to them to some point, and I"m sure this one is going to be a pleasure to read.

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