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Free on 28th - 29th May 16
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2041 Sanctuary (1: Dark Descent) – Book Two, Part One of Ancient Origins.

NOTE: This book can be read as a standalone novel; however, reading 2040 Revelations, Book One of Ancient Origins, beforehand is recommended for heightened enjoyment.


2041 Sanctuary (1: Dark Descent)

Humanity’s greatest discovery … the journey has only just begun.

Sarah Morgan is trapped, a prisoner in a highly classified subterranean facility, the existence of which is undeniable proof of the most amazing discovery in human history. If Sarah is to unleash this forbidden knowledge, she must use all her skills and tenacity to escape to the surface; against the odds can she achieve her life’s ambition and expose the truth to the world?

Above ground, the peoples of planet Earth struggle to come to terms with their new existence after the impact of the asteroid, AG5. Plunged into darkness, the dust cloud kicked up by the meteorite seeks to destroy the fragile order of civilisation itself. In this new, sunless world a courageous BBC newsreader, Jessica Klein, attempts to fight those in power and wrest from them a secret she may wish she’d never known. Elsewhere, two men working for the GMRC, the behemoth that is the Global Meteor Response Council, are struggling against monumental adversity thrust upon them by one of their own. Professor Steiner and Richard Goodwin may be humanity’s greatest hope, but their destinies are shrouded by a chaos neither can control. Running out of luck, choices and time they must reclaim their chosen paths or watch those around them wither and die.

‘Dark Descent – a scintillating web of intrigue and suspense in a world that might just be real. Spellbinding!’

‘Explosive & gripping, the Ancient Origins series reaches new heights … ’

Free on 28th - 29th May 16
View on Amazon.co.uk


"How has a book this good been so overlooked? Beautifully written British sci-fi, with suspense, action and mystery."

Reviewer: .

How has a book this good been so overlooked? While listed as a mystery-thriller, strong sci-fi elements (asteroids, strange creatures, hidden military organsations) make this closer to classic British sci-fi (think John Wyndham). It is beautifully written and on a level with anything I have seen from larger imprints. Sanctuarian Publishing are a single house with one author, but if all their releases are this quality I look forward to their future catalogue.

While this is the second book, it can be read standalone. I haven't read book one, and I had no problems following the story. An asteroid has struck earth, kicking up a dust cloud that blocks out the sun. At the same time, an amazing discovery has been made beneath the earth...and I'm saying no more to avoid spoilers.

I have no complaints about presentation. Formatting, layout, grammar; no errors really stood out to me. It even included embedded images - torn notes and the like - without error or adversely affecting layout.

The plot and storyline are gripping, the characters complex and realistic and the writing style immersive and easy to follow. I was called away several times while reading it, and each time putting this down was a wrench. I'll be going back to re-read it in my own time.

Sci-fi fans, read now. Action-adventure and thriller readers should do the same.

Rating: 4

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