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This valuable caregivers’ guide is written for those caring for Alzheimer’s sufferers as well as their families, but it will also be useful for those starting out on a career in the caring profession.

Whether you are worrying about a sufferer who is still living alone, caring for a spouse or parent at home, or visiting a relative in a care home, Elizabeth will guide you through all the problems which may arise, and will help you with the grief that you will face along the way. This book will enable you to make decisions and provide the best care you can, while looking after your own needs as well.

The guide acknowledges the grief involved in losing a loved one gradually to dementia, while coping with the responsibilities and difficulties of Alzheimer’s home care.

The book provides both emotional and practical support, with ideas to make life easier and more pleasurable for all involved. From the early days of coming to terms with the diagnosis, the book takes you stage by stage through each step.

There are real Alzheimer’s stories, many ideas for activities and an interview with a caregiver. (All names have been changed for privacy reasons).

Difficult decisions such as accepting respite care or finding a permanent care home for your relative are worked through with common sense and a positive attitude for the welfare of all concerned.

Elizabeth believes in involving the whole family and community in caring for the elderly and she has many ideas for bringing children together with their grandparents which bring much pleasure to both young and old.

Until we can prevent Alzheimer’s disease or find a cure, what we can do for now is understand the symptoms as well as we can, and provide the best care and compassion for the families it affects.

This book gives you a healing hug every step of the journey.

About the author:

Elizabeth Postle began a 45 year career in nursing and healthcare in 1955 when she enrolled in a unique nursing cadet traineeship offered by the Southend Area Health Authority. Leaving her home at 16 years old she travelled by bus from the North of England to live and train in Southend on Sea.

Her long and varied career as a Nurse, Midwife and later Health Visitor and Field Work Teacher for the Hertfordshire Area Health Authority included training and working within the areas of Psychology, Sociology, Paediatrics, Child Development, Counselling, Aged Care and Dementia Care.

Together with her late husband Colin Postle, a pharmaceutical chemist, she continued her commitment to her nursing career as owner and manager of a high dependency private nursing home in Norfolk, England. Elizabeth and Colin created a homely and welcoming environment in a historic old rectory for their nineteen residents, who included many dementia sufferers. There were many tears when, after fifteen years of running the home, Elizabeth and Colin retired as they had created such a supportive and comforting haven for residents, families, and staff.

Passing on a great wealth of knowledge, Elizabeth continues to support and assist families coping with the effects of dementia and grief with this book and with the publication of her website GriefandSympathy.com, which she established in 2012.

One of the aspects of grief which interests her particularly, is that which is felt by those who are losing someone gradually to Alzheimer’s. This grief is often overlooked by everyone as the focus is on the Alzheimer’s sufferer themselves. But it is often the caregivers and relatives who are having a tough time, coping with the loss of their loved one during a slow and distressing decline, while dealing with the stress of caring for a loved one with the multiple problems of dementia.

Look inside the book to see more. . . . just click the image.

Free on 26th - 30th Dec 14
View on Amazon.co.uk


"An excellent resource to anyone coping with an Alzheimer's diagnosis in the family, or anyone who knows someone who is. Highly recommended."

Reviewer: .

This is a guide for carers and families in coping with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis and then the patient's deterioration. It covers the harder topics, such as grieving for the loss of a loved one who is still alive, and offers practical advice and suggestions on managing the disease, as well as resources to help.

Written by a registered nurse with forty-five years experience and fifteen years running a care home, it contains advice, suggestions on managing at home and if the patient is in care, and resources on how to cope. As well as the stages of Alzheimer’s, there is also practical advice on how to keep an Alzheimer’s patient occupied and feeling useful, as well as managing many common daily symptoms.

The resources section covers where to find help in the US, the UK, Australia and Worldwide. This book would be invaluable to anyone dealing with a new Alzheimer's diagnosis in the family, or anyone feeling overwhelmed by an existing one.

An excellent resource to anyone coping with an Alzheimer's diagnosis in the family, or anyone who knows someone who is. Highly recommended.

Rating: 4

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jessica (25 March 2017)
A really good book by an experienced Alzheimer's carer.

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