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Penetrate one of the Great Mysteries of the Ages…

Few mysteries have captured the fascination of enlightened minds so much as the epic civilization of Ancient Egypt. The “discovery” of Egypt is one of the most brilliant chapters in archaeology. The Middle Ages knew of Egypt only as a Roman colony; the Renaissance presumed that civilization had begun with Greece; even the Enlightenment knew nothing of Ancient Egypt beyond the Pyramids. Egyptology was a by-product of Napoleonic imperialism. When the Corsican led a French expedition to Egypt in 1798 he took with him scholars interested in Egypt for the sake of a better understanding of history. It was those men who returned home with the greatest mystery of the ages in their grasp, and first revealed the magnificent temples of Luxor and Karnak to the modern world.

No one knows from whence the early Egyptians came, yet no people, ancient or modern, have conceived of building a civilization on a scale so sublime, so great, so grandiose, as the Ancient Egyptians. Their technology of architecture, agriculture, metallurgy, and engineering; the invention of glass and linen, of paper and ink, of the calendar and the clock, of geometry and the alphabet; the excellence and sublimity of sculpture and the arts; the advancement of writing and literature, of science and medicine; the first clear formulation known to us of public conscience, the first emergence of social justice, the first widespread monogamy, the first monotheism . . . all elevated to a degree of superiority and power that has seldom, if ever, been equaled since.

“It is even possible,” as Faure said, “that Egypt . . . offers the spectacle of the greatest civilization that has yet appeared on the earth. We shall do well to equal it.”

How were these monumental accomplishments achieved? The sudden ascension of Egyptian civilization to a previously unknown zenith of culture lasting thousands of years demonstrated advancements that are wholly inexplicable. How did a small stone-age culture abruptly rise to create perhaps the greatest civilization of known history? Where did the Ancient Egyptians’ unprecedented knowledge, power and sophistication come from?

The voluminous lore of ancient Egyptian traditions relates that in the antediluvian time of zp tpj (Zep Tepi), the “first time,” mysterious, highly enlightened “celestial beings” appeared in Egypt, bringing advanced knowledge and the gift of civilization. Texts on the walls of the ancient Temple of Edfu contain explicit references to Zep Tepi, the time of the arrival of their “bringers of knowledge.”

Plato writes that Egyptian priests kept records of their history going back over nineteen-thousand years: “Egypt has recorded and kept eternally the wisdom of the ancient ages . . . all coming from time immemorial when gods governed the earth in the dawn of civilization.”

Herodotus tells us that when Hecataeus of Miletus boasted to the Egyptian priests that he could trace his ancestry through fifteen centuries, they quietly showed him, in a hidden sanctuary deep under the sands, the statutes of 345 high priests, each the son of the preceding, making 345 generations since their “gods” had appeared in the Nile valley. Who were these mysterious, highly enlightened individuals? Who were these “gods”?

This book explores in-depth answers to these profound mysteries as revealed in three remarkable encounters explorer M.G. Hawking and his companions had with what they believe to be true “celestials” of the enduring legends so prevalent in the ancient wisdom traditions of cultures throughout world. An extraordinary account that is thought provoking and richly enlightening, this book will linger in your heart and mind long after the last words have been read.

2016 Edition, Kindle page count 254 (estimated, actual page count varies depending on the reading device us

Free on 1st - 3rd Nov 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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