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Six months ago I looked at my ever expanding belly in the mirror (something I try to avoid doing) and decided that I would tackle it once and for all. I had done some abdominal exercises and tried to cut back on the ‘junk’ food but nothing seemed to work long term. The belly fat refused to shift and stayed stubbornly embedded around the mid section.

We seem to be constantly bombarded with reports about fat loss and what works and what doesn’t. The danges of this food or that. It seems as if different and conflicting advice is given on an almost daily basis claiming you don’t need to exercise but eat less or that you should go on a starvation diet to lose weight.

Rather than blindly following this fad diet or that, each professing it would lose so many pounds in so many days I decided that I would do as much research as I could on the subject of fat by reading the latest medical research on the topic. I wanted to know exactly what goes on inside us when different types of foods enter the digestive system. I also wanted to know why I would always still feel hungry not long after having a meal, have sudden dips in energy and feelings of tiredness even though I had plenty of sleep and why no matter how many sit ups and core muscle exercises I did my belly never got flatter!

In this book I want to share with you in layman’s terms how I managed to get rid of my belly fat with very little pain in a matter of weeks based on making some simple changes to my lifestyle. If you adopt these into your daily life then I can guarantee that you will start seeing the pounds rolling off. Your body will be given an opportunity to heal itself, you will feel more energized, look more vibrant and the toned body that you had forgotten you once had will become reality again.


You may have bought this book because you want to lose weight or maybe you are worried because you have been told that your blood sugar levels are above the normal range. You may even have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. You have tried dozens of different low-fat diets, fasting diets, been on detox retreats, gone on expensive juicing holidays, spent a wad of money on weight loss classes or gone for the ‘low fat’ foods in the supermarket shelves yet nothing seems to work. You may have lost a little weight but it all comes piling back because like me you are always feeling hungry! You can’t seem to control your cravings for cakes and sugary foods no matter how hard you tried. You may have even considered having hypnosis!

Before you spend any more money please read this book. You will find it is not another diet book packed full of recipes that you can easily download free from any online website but is based on the latest research and findings regarding the obesity crisis. You will get to understand what is really going on inside your body.

Here is a preview of what we cover

Why is the world getting fatter?
Why you need to understand what is going on in your brain before you can lose weight long-term
Why it isn’t so much the amount of calories but the right TYPES of calories and right type of exercises that cuts the fat
How to finally fix those cravings and hunger pangs for good
How to spot the hidden evils of packaged foods
Understand the low-down of low-carbs
The essential food checklist for a low-carb diet

Free on 17th - 21st Aug 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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