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Body language speaks more than just words.

It is a perfect amalgamation of facial expressions, hand gestures, foot position, arm gestures, and body posture. Correct body language communicates a positive impression about your personality.

Positive body language helps you meet and interact with new people. Facial expressions involve smile, frown, stare, eye movements, and movement of the face muscles to express your feelings and emotions.

Often other people do not interpret your message accurately because the words and body language are not well coordinated. When you talk to someone, you must maintain eye contact with the other person in order to win that person’s trust.

The meaning of common hand gestures vary across different cultures. When you are travelling to a foreign country, you must learn the concept of gestures use in that particular country to avoid trouble.

You should learn to read and understand body language in order to strike a healthy conversation. The eBook discusses in detail about several gestures that help in effective communication.

It is always said that words once spoken cannot be taken back. Therefore, you must frame your thoughts properly and communicate your message associated with correct body language and in a moderate voice.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

(o) Why body language is important

(o) Gesture and significants

(o) Interpreting introverts and extroverts

(o) Create a positive impact with body language and some useful tips!

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Free on 16th - 20th Mar 16
View on Amazon.co.uk


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