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Bargain on 2nd Jul 19
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Children’s world is amazing when it comes to pets.

They are fascinated by the domestic animals.

And what could be said about cats? The most popular pet in the world.

Even though we might see a cat in every second house, sometimes we get surprised by some of their facts.

This book contains 100 facts about the domestic cat.

Though this book is aimed at children, their parents could find it amazing at the same time while learning few of them together with children.

During the World War two, cats were aboard the warships to protect the food from the mice. They were supplied with their own hammocks to sleep in.

When a cat returns home with dead mice or a bird, it is a gift for you from its side. It will be pleased if you take it, but then it will get a habit of getting more often.

Disneyland has around 200 cats. Their real purpose is to hunt down the real Mickey Mouse in the park surrounding.

When a cat starts its walk, it always steps with both its left legs first.

This book consists high-resolution photographs. Kindly be patient while downloading.

Bargain on 2nd Jul 19
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