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Discover How to Free Yourself from the Symptoms of Candida in only 90 Days

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In this book you will be presented with all you need to know about Candida:

Understand what Candida is and how it affects the body’s natural processes.

Learn how to identify the problem.

Find out what symptoms are produced by this common micro-organism.

Discover the many ways to deal with this condition and how to integrate them into a 90 Day Treatment Plan.

Most of the therapies rely on natural remedies and dietary changes.

All treatments have been used successfully by a conventional doctor with training in complementary therapies.

This very common problem affects thousands of people, most of whom do not even know they have it. Many different symptoms can indicate the presence of Candida which can be confusing and overwhelming. Most people either just live with these symptoms or spend thousands of dollars on treatments that do not work. The key to understand this condition is to know that no one treatment alone will solve it. There needs to be a ‘package’ of treatments used together.

Also, there are no quick fixes with this condition as it develops gradually over many years and will need at least a few months to cure. Commitment and persistence are required but if you are prepared for this, you will be rewarded by freedom from your chronic symptoms.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

What is Candida?Symptoms of Candida OvergrowthHow to Change your Diet to Cure your SymptomsNatural Therapies for Successful TreatmentThe 90 Day Treatment PlanStaying HealthyMuch, much more

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Free on 22nd Apr 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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