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Free on 8th - 10th Oct 18
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Cleaning: Discover 93 POWERFUL Crafts That Will Rid Your Home of Clutter & Make Your House Cleaner!

FREE BONUS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: If you download this book TODAY, you will receive a FREE DOWNLOAD of Kitty Moore’s best selling book, 100 Ultimate Crafts for a Rainy Day! You will ALSO get FREE ACCESS to Kitty’s Premium Image Gallery, which contains images of all the crafts featured in ALL of her books! The free access links are inside the book.

From the Best Selling Arts & Crafts writer, Kitty Moore, comes Clutter Free Home: 93 Crafts That Help Rid Your Home Of Clutter! This book will improve your creativity, craft skills, and expand your repertoire of design capabilities.

If you are struggling with keeping things tidy around the home…

If you want to redecorate and clean your house AT THE SAME TIME…

Or if the idea of receiving a full list of ready-to-go “decluttering” crafts appeals to you…


This book provides you with a step-by-step guide to create your very own arts and crafts items!

Are you ready to experience crafts at a whole new level? Then check out this book NOW!

Some of the crafts you will receive in this book include:

Mason Jars For Spices

Hanging Pot Rack

Hanging Mesh Storage For Toys

Stationery Holders

Sliding Storage System For Garage Ceiling

Plastic Boxes For Closets

Mesh Bath Toy Bag

Clear Plastic Cups For Batteries And Cords

Belt And Jewelry Organizer

Magnetic Strip For Bobby Pins And Tweezers

File Box

Rolling Drawers For Shoes

Hanging Baskets For Linen Storage

Laundry Room Racks

Under The Sink Storage

Ribbon Storage And Dispenser

Customized Shoe Rack

Books Organization System

Dividers For Bill Records

Hanging Shower Storage

Hanging Tights Organizer

Shoe Organizer Storage For Medicines

Office Supplies Organizer

Cleaning Rags Making And Organizing

Scarf Organizer With Shower Rings

Sewing Storage And Pin Cushion Using Mason Jars

Spoon Holders In Closets

Recycling Center For Home

Christmas Ornaments Organization

Button Storage In Pill Organizer

Cardboard Fabric Organizing

Labels For Refrigerator Doors

Fabric Dresser Drawer Organizer

Laundry Bucket

Door Bookshelf

Well, what are you waiting for? Download YOUR copy TODAY!

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Free on 8th - 10th Oct 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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