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A PLAIN ENGLISH GUIDE TO CRYPTOCURRENCY – Blockchain, Bitcoins, and Cryptocurrency Terminologies Explained The Easiest Way Even Your GrandMa Can Understand

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Learn New Things, Invest Now and Get Rewarded in the Future 

A Plain English Guide to Cryptocurrency, is a book made specifically for people who want to understand the new digital coins but is having a hard time with the terminologies. Words you haven’t heard before like: cryptography, ripple, halve, hash, block, encryption, radeon, dogecoin,  ico and other terms that will make your brain bleed.

With the continuous hype in Bitcoin, you can’t help but be curious about it. 

But sometimes, there are just things that are so hard to understand. 

Well, not anymore!

With this book, you will:

Know in simple English how Cryptocurrency works 

Identify the most promising coins and which are the best ones

Understand what are networks, nano ledger, public key and how crypto can remove banks in the picture 

Decide if it is right form of investment for you

Be able to explain Cryptocurrency to anyone, even to your Grandma


The CryptoCurrency Basics
So what is cryptocurrency?
Where did cryptocurrency come from?
Essential CryptoCurrency Terminology
1. Altcoins
2. Network
3. Cryptography
4. Block
5. Blockchain
6. Block Height
7. Block Reward
8. Mining
9. Halving
10. ASIC or ASIC Miner
11. Address
12. 51% Attack
13. Central & Distributed Ledger
14. Public Key
15. Signature
16. Multisig
17. Fork
18. Hashrate
19. Node
20. P2P
21. PoW
22. PoS

Getting Started with CryptoCurrency
Why should you learn about cryptocurrency?
What is the use of cryptocurrency if I already have bank and credit card accounts?
What are the benefits of using cryptocurrency?

Most Common Kinds of Cryptocurrency
1. Bitcoin
2. Litecoin
3. Namecoin
4. Peercoin
5. Ethereum
6. Ripple
7. Dogecoin
8. Primecoin
9. Quark
10. Dash

Owning Cryptocurrency
Where can I buy cryptocurrency?
How can I keep my cryptocurrency safe?
1. KeepKey
2. Nano Ledger S
3. Trezor
4. Jaxx
5. Electrum
6. Coinbase
7. MyEtherWallet

Where can I sell my cryptocurrency?

All About Bitcoin
An in-depth look at Bitcoin
Bitcoin Mining
Safety and Legitimacy of Bitcoin
Bitcoin Wallet
1. Hardware Wallet
2. Paper Wallets
3. Brain Wallets
4. Desktop Wallets
5. Mobile Wallets
6. Web Wallets

Staying safe with Bitcoins
Sending and receiving Bitcoins
Can I make lots of money mining Bitcoins?

PLUS, You’ll Also Get Free Instant Access to a Free Report of How is Cryptocurrency Then and Now so you can gauge the future of this new technology.


Are you ready to be an investor? Thinking of putting your money into BTC or ETH ? How about being a miner ?

You see, the possibilities are endless. We live in the day and age where paper money is no longer the only way to pay for goods. Online buying has been one of the great inventions,  you can purchase while you are at the comfort of your home. 

Gone are the days when banks, credit cards and debit cards control the money. And now that Cryptocurrency is being a norm, expect more things to happen. 

Start Learning About Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin by Clicking the “Buy Now” Button

Free on 15th - 19th Nov 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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