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Gut health issues and blood pressure issues are very common health problems. In this omnibus are two books, Gut Balance Revolution and Blood Pressure Solution.

The first book Gut Health covers a wide range of herbs which can treat the following conditions:

oLeaky Gut Syndrome
oPeptic ulcers
oStomach sensitivity
oIrritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

And in the second book Blood Pressure Solution it covers natural approaches towards regulating your blood pressure levels, which includes such strategies as:

oLifestyle changes
oTraditional Chinese Medical cures
oPranayama (Yogic breathing techniques)
oHerbal cures
oHatha yoga Asana’s

Between these two books, there is a huge amount of information which is all backed up with academic research and footnotes, so you know you’re not getting waffle!

Regular allopathic medicine has its place in health care, but before the modern pharmaceutical revolution took off our grandparents and great grand parents did a good job of treating their health conditions naturally. So why rely solely upon drugs when you can use natural herbal remedies, Chinese medicine, hatha yoga and pranayama and positive life changes to treat your health!

Finally not only will natural treatments help your health problems, but also because they are tonic like in nature, they boost health and vitality levels thus helping you not only to treat chronic health issues but also to become a healthier and happier individual in the process and of course herbs are pretty cheap and easily accessible.

Free on 8th - 9th Apr 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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