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Free on 24th - 25th Aug 17
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This book will be Free on 24th - 25th Aug 17

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Hey everyone,

Anyone who’s ever searched for a new job can confirm that doing so is not easy. The person involved in such a search faces this eternal and seemingly unanswerable question: “Where and how I find my dream job?”

Any type of search involves some difficulties and finding a job is no exception. In the process of a job search, job seekers have to face many problems, such as high competition in the labor market, lack of experience and skills, being aged over 40 years old, barriers between the employer and job seeker, and many other obstacles. My experience as a consultant in many ways confirms this.

People, who come to me for consultations, ask the question: “What should a job seeker do when looking for a new job?” Traditionally, job seekers believe that it is necessary and sufficient to prepare a good resume and cover letter, send them to the employer, and then wait patiently for an interview invitation. Often, this is all that job seekers do.

Of course, it is important to know how to write a resume and a cover letter competently and properly conduct oneself in an interview, but this is not enough. It’s no secret that the Head of the HR department and their employees spend very little time getting acquainted with a candidate’s resume and cover letter. Plus, the final part of the job application process – the interview – will take no more than 20 minutes, which is a very limited time for the applicant to make a memorable impression on the employer.

As the interview is the final stage of a successful job search, it often receives a lot of attention, but it is preceded by several other equally crucial parts of the process. To successfully pass each of these steps, the job seeker requires a lot of effort, knowledge, and patience.

In this book, you will learn the reasons why many people look for a new job; the kinds of problems a job seeker may encounter; the skills, forms, and methods of a job search, including an extensive range of job search tools and resources; strategies for a successful job search for your dream job; and how to manage your search so that the work itself is looking for you.

This book gives you access to many practical tips and recommendations that will help improve your search for that ultimate dream job. The implementation of these hints and recommendations will require you minimal financial input.

Download this book now! Do not delay!

Free on 24th - 25th Aug 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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