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Author: Genre: Length: Novella

Free on 31st Oct 17 - 4th Nov 17
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Have you been trying to get readers?

Have you been buying books that tell you how you can get your readers?

But all you what you get is zero, nil, empty, nothing, zilch…

Do you feel like you are trying so hard with little or no progress to be proud of?

I know your frustration.

For 5 years, I had been trying to look for my audience, but I was finding none.

I stopped what I was doing and asked myself, “What am I doing wrong?”

Then I discovered one essential thing…

I was talking to myself. No one listened to what I say.

Then I discovered one simple way of acquiring readers (loyal ones). You can interact with them, build a trustful relationship and build your online EMPIRE. Now, instead of talking to myself, I started interacting with my readers, and before long I had built an empire, I being the emperor.

And I can tell you what! I enjoy every second of being an emperor.

And that’s why I have created this book… to show you a simple and powerful way of getting your own loyal audience.

You can influence your readers, and convert that influence into action and you’ll have created a “machine” that prints money for years.

Let me tell you something:

o76% of your sales come from repeating customers
oOnly 24% of your sales will come from first customers

So, if you don’t have your loyal customers, then you are really….really… losing a lot.

You are going to learn a SIMPLE and POWERFUL WAY of ACQUIRING YOUR FIRST 15,000 READERS from AMAZON EBOOK marketplace.

Did you know Amazon has +200 million ACTIVE customers? And the encouraging thing is that, their customers are increasing rapidly. What I mean by ‘active’ is that these customers are:

oAlways ready to buy your products
oWilling to hear what you have to tell them
oReady to follow you as their father
oWilling to be part of your empire

Amazon has already done the difficult part for you of building a large customer-base who trust Amazon. Your duty is to put your face in front of this hungry crowd and feed them and I can tell you, they will always follow you as their leader.

So, there are huge opportunities waiting for you. If you don’t grab this book and see how you can find your audience, someone else will do it and you’ll see the other person making massive achievement in his online business.

DOWNLOAD the book and learn how you can get your loyal customers from one of the largest companies in terms of customer-base.

You will also discover on this book KEY ATTRIBUTES, which will form the basis of your SUCCESS.

You will get a chance to watch a VIDEO that shows you how you can prepare your brain to receive what you want to achieve.
Grab your book now and discover how you can get your first loyal readers and build your online EMPIRE.

Free on 31st Oct 17 - 4th Nov 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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