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«The crisis is an automatic brake letting us stop, take a look back, analyze the past and think about the future.»

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Much has been told and written about the age crisis. Still, many people don’t take this problem seriously. As a rule, this lasts until the moment when this condition strikes the skeptics directly. It stops to be a case of irony, much spiritual strength is required to look into the problem and manage the crisis, and unfortunately, it often doesn’t bring the desired effect. It is the crisis that may lead to the severe depression, destruction of the long-term marriage. But, on the other hand, this period may become the time of self-understanding and soul-searching, and obtain practical wisdom. In this book, I suggest you are trying to realize the essence of the age crisis (especially the midlife crisis) and the ways to overcome it.

Any psychotherapist with a more or less extended work experience can answer the question on the problems clients usually ask him to help with. As a rule, they include cheating, divorce, tension in relations with children and parents, difficulties at work and even the notorious ‘loss of the sense of life.’ And such problems are the most typical ones for people of 30-45 years: seemingly mature and successful. But, alas, very few people know that not as rarely all the complaints mentioned are different hypostases of one phenomenon, called an ‘existential crisis’ by psychologists and a ‘midlife crisis’ by journalists.

Displays of dissatisfaction with oneself may vary considerably. All these symptoms prove that it is mentality which is healthy, and it is able to control the changes which overtook it. We continue asking ourselves, ‘What were my youth dreams? Will, I never have it? Will, I am able to cope with the problems pursuing me in childhood? Or did I forget them?’ Questions may be different, and if you reconsider your life and try to look for answers, it means that you’ve really changed. You can honestly and bravely, though with the fear of the unknown, look back to find the ways to go forward.

Let’s Try To Find Them Together!

Here You Will Learn…

Midway: Bloom or Decline?
30 Years Crisis
Fear of Age in Women
A Bridge Across the Crisis
The Method of Conscious Trance
Bonus! Chapter 7 | The ‘Lost Age’ Syndrome (Crisis of 50 – 70 Years) (Complete collection – save $2.99)
Much, much more!

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Free on 22nd - 26th Nov 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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