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Bargain on 7th - 11th Sep 17
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Suspenseful. Action-packed. Romantic.

First there were the videos of terrified crowds halfway around the world. Then his little brother tells him there’s a strange man in their backyard. What happens next is so disturbing, sixteen-year-old Matt has trouble believing it actually happened…

Knowledge of a silent alien invasion is spreading through the community. The aliens are rumored to look human, so no one knows who to trust. His parents warn him to leave it to the adults, but Matt soon finds himself the leader of a group of teens who are determined to do their part.

As the hysteria grows, things spin out of control. Matt watches as fear slowly turns his world into a dystopia. And Savannah – the girl he likes – is bringing up issues that make the two of them start to doubt their convictions.

As Matt and Savannah join the battle, questions will arise they could have never foreseen –

How do you recognize an enemy?

Who can you really trust?

And what is it that makes us human?

If you like: a fast-paced science fiction page-turner with a side of romance, this series is your next binge-worthy reading addiction.

“Amazing Read… Great characters, plenty of action…” – Kindle Reviewer

Chapter 1

Matt was supposed to be sleeping; instead; his eyes were glued to his phone. He scrunched beneath his covers and kept the sound low so it wouldn’t wake his parents. He was watching a scene of panic playing out in a news video. The story had been recorded in a country halfway across the world.

In the video, thousands of people had assembled in the stands of a soccer stadium, but something had gone terribly wrong. Now they were running – stampeding – away from something.

Matt couldn’t understand the language of the person reporting the story, and he couldn’t read the words that scrolled along the bottom of the screen on his phone. But it didn’t require any translation. On each of their faces was raw fear.

The news camera zoomed in, zoomed out, and then panned the scene unsteadily. The crowd pushed, shoved, and clawed their way as they tried to escape the stadium. Matt searched the small screen on his phone for the source of their hysteria, but he couldn’t find it. It always seemed to be just out of view of the news camera. What were they running from?

Matt hit the pause button on the video. Had he heard something?

Quietly, carefully, he lowered his blanket and peeked out. His room was dark and his parents’ room was dark. A beam of light from a streetlamp across the street had found its way through the slats of his window blinds and cast a dim light into the hallway, but nothing was there.

Matt pulled the blanket back up over his head and re-started the news video on his phone. The people in the video began running again. One man shoved another out of his way, and Matt saw him tumble down the bleacher steps. In another part of the huge crowd, a different man shoved a woman who careened over a guard rail – Matt couldn’t see how far she fell. The camera zoomed in and Matt suddenly realized that from underneath the feet of the stampeding people were protruding arms and legs.

They were running over each other, Matt realized – crushing each other in their panic. Something had scared these people, but what had that fear turned them into? Suddenly revolted, Matt stopped the video. But as he did, he heard the sound again – a sound of rustling, movement, and the creak of a floorboard.

Matt eased the blanket down, and this time he waited for his eyes to adjust. Where had the sound come from? Downstairs? The hallway? *** (End of excerpt)

Bargain on 7th - 11th Sep 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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