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Complete Reading List of the New Release Series – In the Valley of Supreme Masters, The Greatest Knowledge of the Ages

Convenient Reference to all books in the Series plus all the Companion Volumes

Sweeping in an immense arc across South Asia is the “Roof-of-the-World,” the Great Himalayan Range. Beginning with Kashmir’s 26,600 foot Naga Parbat and ending at Tibet’s 25,445 foot Namcha Barwa, it comprises an uninterrupted 1,500 mile long stretch of mountains with over 110 peaks rising to elevations of 25,000 feet or more. For thousands of years, the largely inaccessible inner portion of that vast wilderness has inspired countless myths and legends of a hidden society of great masters possessed of supreme wisdom and power.

Absent an ember, there can be no smoke; there is a kernel of truth in all such ancient and enduring legends, and they cannot be easily, or wisely, dismissed.

In a secluded part of that inner range, explorer M.G. Hawking chanced upon a valley nestled deep in the rugged wilderness. In that remote valley he encountered a small village called Siddhalaya. Ancient and profoundly beautiful, Siddhalaya is set in a mystical vale surrounded by vast snowfields that roll upward from evergreen forest to immense blue-white glaciers, and encircled by Himalayan ice peaks so high as to appear nearly overhead. Hawking’s discovery marked the beginning of a series of extraordinary adventures and experiences.

Soon after arriving he realized, a bit like Columbus or Marco Polo, that he had discovered a world far stranger and vastly more portentous than he had ever expected or imagined. Hawking spent over five years in Siddhalaya, where he had the privilege of meeting a number of remarkable men and women—introduced to him as “masters” and “adepts”—possessed of knowledge and power virtually unknown to the Western world. In this book series, you will meet these exceptional individuals.

We invite you to take an amazing journey through both space and time, ranging from the remote ice peaks of the Himalayan Mountains to the highlands of Tibet, and far back through the ages to the mystic landscapes of ancient Egypt. Explore the opportunity to unlock the greatest secrets of the ages, profound revelations that for long millenniums have remained hidden under the most intense silence and secrecy.

ABOUT THIS VOLUME: You might be wondering, what exactly is this reading list? Our new release series, In The Valley of Supreme Masters, The Greatest Knowledge of the Ages, has three books in the primary series, along with three special companion volumes, altogether consisting of approximately 2560 pages in the Kindle Edition format.

It’s a large body of work, so several of our readers suggested that we assemble a reading list with excerpts to allow people to browse and thereby get an idea of where they may wish to begin. Some may simply want to read books in the primary series; others may want to read in the specialty and companion volumes to focus precisely on adventurous, topical, or specifically methodological material. Have fun exploring!

2015 New Release, 48,760 words. Kindle Edition page count 270.

Books in In the Valley of Supreme Masters Series

A Chronicle of Power (Book One)

A Magic Journey Into the Infinite (Book Two)

In the Valley of Supreme Masters Anthology (Book Three)

A Great Master Speaks, Immense Powers of the Ancients Revealed

Teachings of the Himalayan Masters, Their Secret Knowledge and Practices

Encounters with the Celestials, The Living Part of a Timeless Legend

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Free on 3rd - 5th Jun 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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