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“Why Juice?”

  1. Fruits & veggies are critically important for your body.
  2. Juicing further concentrates those unique benefits.
  3. To deliver maximum “pre-digested” energy in a glass.

The new, improved, expanded Second Edition. Your step-by-step pathway to juicing enjoyment! The First Edition had an average 4.8 rating. So we will try harder this round.

Plus, we have a surprise guest appearance for you — the author.

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“I’m NO green goo guru. I’m an old friend you haven’t met yet (and at 72, likely your oldest friend).

“If it doesn’t taste good, I don’t drink it! Neither will you, for long. So let’s be real. I’m a life-time juicer. I hope you will be too. I will explain (over a fresh glass of delicious juice) how and why you will want to develop this tasty habit which, by the way, is amazingly good for you.

“I’ll give you as much scientific backup as you like (pushed conveniently out of the way into a gigantic appendix, if that is not your cup of … juice).

“You will have everything you need for months of juicing joy, except for the machine itself (and I’ll help you pick that out as well).

“Above all, I will see to it that you enjoy yourself. I view that as part of an author’s duties. I teach, I entertain, I motivate, so that you will learn. If I do not pull you through to the end of the book, I have failed.

“It is my job to make the recipes and, indeed the book itself, “taste good”.

“To that end, I have a little trick to guarantee that every recipe will taste exactly right to YOU! That is my secret ingredient for the book (in Chapter 6).

Best wishes,
Oran Kangas, Author

PS. When is the best time to make a positive change in your life?

PPS. Trick question. No time will ever be perfect. Since you’ve read this far, you know you are tempted. Yield to the temptation. Just scroll up and click that cute little BUY button. We can resume our chat inside.”

Free on 16th - 17th Oct 13
View on Amazon.co.uk


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