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The Ketogenic diet, or the keto diet, is a low carb and a high-fat diet. When you shift to the keto diet, ketones are produced by the liver and are used as the primary source of fuel for the body and hence the name of this diet. The carbs that we consume are broken down into glucose by a hormone known as insulin that is secreted by the pancreas. Glucose is not only easily accessible but can be broken down easily as well and, therefore, it is chosen over the other forms of fuel by the body. Once insulin processes glucose, it is absorbed into the blood stream. Our bodies process glycogen in two different ways. A portion of it is absorbed into the blood stream and the rest is stored in the liver. The storage space in the liver is limited and once it has been maxed out, the rest is stored in the form of fats. There is infinite storage space for fats in the body. Ketosis is the process by which the body shifts from burning carbs to produce energy to burning these stores of fat. Ketosis is a natural process and it occurs when the body is in survival mode due to a reduction in the number of carbs you consume.

The aim of the keto diet is to induce the body into the state of ketosis. This is achieved by cutting down the carbohydrate intake. When there is an increase in the consumption of fats and a reduction of carbs, the body automatically starts burning these ketones to provide the body with energy. By simply cutting off or reducing the supply of carbs, the body will turn toward the next source of fuel, which are fats!

What are some of the benefits can you expect when you follow this program

-Younger looking skin, with less wrinkles, discolouration and acne

-Rapid weight loss with NO exercise needed

-Inches of reduction in body measurements overall

-An better night’s sleep, and easier time waking up

-An increase in energy levels without the need for caffeine or stimulants

What will you discover Inside?

-A new understanding of foods, and how they impact your fat loss and health

-A complete Ketogentic Diet Shopping List to get you started with your 4 week action plan

-No counting calories – we do all the hard work for you.

-Simple yet delicious Keto recipes – so you don’t need to be a master chef

-Essential Keto mistakes that you NEED to know for success


Free on 3rd - 7th Jul 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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