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Bargain on 27th - 31st Aug 17
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Discover the Solution to Your Weight-Loss and Health Goals. The Ketogenic Way!

This is the MOST COMPLETE beginner’s book on Ketogenic Diet! Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited NOW to find out why! – Download now you will also get a BONUS book that includes 104 Juicing Recipes!!

Life is Great! Despite what it is that you want in life, you still need a healthy energetic body in order to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

If currently you are unhealthy, overweight, or just in the mood for something new, a Ketogenic Diet is your answer!

Don’t know what Ketogenic Diet is? No Problem!

The Ketogenic Diet or “Keto Diet” is a medically and scientifically proven diet in which the entire goal is to recharge your metabolism by avoiding all high to mid carbohydrate foods and fill those calories with healthy fats. Doing so will allow the body to start burning unwanted fat instead of carbohydrate. And this natural process called Ketosis.

When we consume food our metabolism is the main powerhouse that breaks down the foods that we eat and uses it for energy. Having a high metabolism, the food we consume is transformed directly into energy.

What does all these mean?

In short, you get a healthier and slimmer body!

Allow this book to be the vehicle for your new health journey! In this book, you will learn everything that you need know in order to start your Ketogenic Diet today. On top of that after we feed your brain with knowledge of Ketogenic Diet then we have a 2 weeks Ketogenic Diet plan that can help you to kick start your journey to good health! In addition, the diet plan can be easily modified to suit your unique lifestyle.

Not to mention, we have 123 Ketogenic Diet recipes that are delicious and easy to make.

We have:

30 Breakfast Recipes30 Lunch Recipes30 Dinner Recipes11 Soup Recipes11 Snack Recipes11 Smoothies Recipes

We give you everything you need to know about the recipe such as: serving, prep time, and most importantly FULL nutritional breakdown in all the recipes so you can keep track of your nutritional intake!

Now, lets recap what you will get in this one book. You will receive all the necessary information on Ketogenic Diet, a 2-week Ketogenic diet plan that can be easily tailored to your taste, 123 Ketogenic Diet recipes, and 1 Bonus book with a total of 104+ Recipes

All in one book!

Download Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Easy 123 Recipes and 2 Weeks Diet Plan NOW to find out about living a healthy life and loss weight. The Ketogenic Way!

Remember you can get all of these for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Bargain on 27th - 31st Aug 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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