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Free on 3rd - 7th Aug 15
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Discover This Amazing, Vibrant City With This London Travel Guide!

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If you have ever wanted to travel to London (and who hasn’t), then you are in for a treat! London has nearly everything that the discerning traveler could ever ask for; delicious food, vibrant night life, shopping galore, awesome culture and amazing sites and attractions to see.

London really has it all. See Big Ben, The Tower of London, St. Pauls Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, HMS Belfast, the list goes on and on! You could literally spend months here and still have something to see everyday.

Don’t forget the food and culture though, London has a great multicultural mix of excellent overseas foods, wines and night time venues for you to revel in too. Once you’ve been bitten by London you will find it hard to let go, after all, that’s why so many people move there to live.

If you want a quick start guide to experience the best of London then download this London Travel Guide now!

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The Best Museums and Galleries To EnjoyAwesome Zoos and Aquariums to SeeAll the Best Cultural Activities to Experience in LondonWhat Pubs and Bars to Visit to See the Best Night LifeWhere to Shop Till You DropThe Amazing Food You Need to Try While in LondonHow to Find Great, Affordable AccommodationThe Best Sites and Attractions You Must SeeMuch, much more!

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Free on 3rd - 7th Aug 15
View on Amazon.co.uk


"There are typos, varying capitalisation, and grammar issues and these unfortunately persist throughout the book. I would be annoyed if I had paid money for this book."

Reviewer: .

This is a tour guide to London.

Don't expect this to be a personal point of view. The book is basically a list of things to do in and around London, focusing on the best known areas. There are no follow-up links or resources, ways to save money or insider views. The English is poor, with two glaring errors on the first page "one of the best cultural melting pot"(sic) and "It's an array of world class museums". There are typos, varying capitalisation, and grammar issues and these unfortunately persist throughout the book.

This book annoyed me, and I live in London so I reserve the right to be a complete so-and-so about this. Some of the advice is very dodgy. The advice to wear flipflops to walk around London - on Oxford Street no less - is likely to get you sore, trampled, feet. Stick to trainers. 'Indulging in street delicacies' may well result in a holiday spent in the hotel bathroom. Checking the time schedule of the underground is rarely necessary as tubes are very regular in central London, and most people will look baffled if you ask. Just remember they close at midnight, and there are not many free walking tours/tour buses left in London.

I would be annoyed if I had paid money for this book. Visitors can find out more from the Tourist Information, What's On in London etc, and should probably try there first.

Rating: Unrated

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