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Do you always feel stressed and now wish to be more peaceful? Do your fears keep you from living a happy life?

Do you want to explore your genuine self to understand your potential, explore your talents, and then use your potential to create and achieve your most meaningful goals? If yes, and you are determined to bring about positive changes in your life, you need to become more mindful.

Mindfulness is being in this moment non-judgmentally, happily, and peacefully so you are present in the moment as it occurs and relish it completely. The simple act of being mindful has benefits that transcend making you peaceful. If this intrigues you and you want to explore mindfulness and its benefits, this book is for you.

Designed as a complete guide to mindfulness for beginners, this book offers you deep insight into the concept, helps you to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life so that your life becomes more peaceful, positive, and happy.

Let us dig deeper into this concept so you can understand how being mindful can empower you and transform your life for the better.

Understanding Mindfulness
Mindfulness: Your No.1 Tool To A Good Life
Mindful Observation
How To Practice Mindful Listening
Mindful Immersion and Appreciation
To live a meaningful life, it is important that you have the right attitude towards it. Similarly, to be truly mindful, you must cultivate the right attitude so you let go of everything that keeps you from living in the present.
To let the plant of mindfulness grow strong in your system, you have to build the right foundation for it and to do that this book can help you.

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A lack of mindfulness contributes to your daily stress and keeps you from understanding your genuine self and all the amazing talents hidden deep inside you. When you pay more attention to your present, you slowly start understanding yourself better, which in turn gives insight into your many strengths and qualities.

Tags: mindfulness, beginners, meditation, mindful, anxiety, calm, stress, positivity, happiness.

Bargain on 25th - 29th Oct 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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