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Free on 7th - 11th Jun 15
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Diary of a Minecraft Zombie – Named Arthur ★ A Must Read for any kid who loves Minecraft

Zombies! Mindless, dumb hordes of the undead with nothing on their minds (seriously…. Nothing on their minds) but to find you and attack you! Stupid heartless Zombies, right? What if one of them did have a heart, did care and wanted to make a difference? Would you want to be a Zombie if you knew you were different to everyone else around you? When everyone else is telling you to ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK what would you do if you knew it wasn’t right?

Well in this latest adventure Diary of a Minecraft Zombie you will get to see firsthand what it’s like as you live each and every moment with Arthur the different Zombie. Arthur just wants to be left alone to live his own way of life…. however his way of life is turned upside down when his biggest enemy Borg challenges him. What’s more Borg’s ambitions are not only to conquer the minecraft world but also Arthur’s sweetheart Kyra. Arthur can’t stand by and take it anymore. He has to take action.

Can Arthur stop Borg from leading his Zombie army into battle? Can he defeat Borg and save his girl Kyra before it’s too late Find out the answer to this question and more by stepping into Arthur’s world now!

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Free on 7th - 11th Jun 15
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"Minecraft fans may enjoy it, but the spelling issues are likely to deter other readers."

Reviewer: .

This is a fun short read, about a zombie who decides he doesn't want to be a zombie anymore. He falls in love with a human at the nearby village. When the leader of the zombies decides he's going to attack the village what can our hero do? All the villagers see is a zombie that keep coming back to their town.

The writing style is simple and direct, and I would have thought it was aimed at children.The story is short, followed by author's notes which include links to fun Minecraft accounts on Youtube and more. Oddly I don't see much in the main story to make it specifically Minecraft rather than a generic fantasy setting.

The main issue with the book is that it is not well-edited, and there are obvious errors in spelling and grammar. Several of these are ones that could have been caught by a spell check e.g. 'II' instead of 'I' and 'though' instead of 'thought'. There are also missing full stops, and questionable speech punctuation.

Result: A 2. It's a nice idea, but please use a spell-check at least. Minecraft fans may enjoy it, but the spelling issues are likely to deter other readers.

Rating: 2

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