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Free on 28th May 16 - 1st Jun 16
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Have you ever had the feeling that

your life would end at an early age?

If you did; would you live your life to the fullest,

making every moment count?

What if you were convinced that your death

would be at the mouth of a lion?

Would you run or would you accept your fate?

Raja, the puggle of the house, is about to embark on his first family holiday. The destination has regrettably been confirmed as a national park. The recurring fear of his untimely death haunts his dreams and appears to be coming true.

A freak accident leaves Raja stranded in this hostile environment where he miraculously befriends the likes of an elephant, wild dog and amazingly, a lion. Together, this unlikely group of animals confront internal demons as they stumble upon conspiracies of the power hungry and a threat promising to unleash chaos on all.

Are you ready to join Raja and brave the national park?

“I found your story enjoyable and entertaining, and difficult to put down for the day. Nicely written! Honestly, a truly enjoyable, light read! I certainly wouldn’t mind reading more from you.”

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Book 1 in the National Park Trilogy


Free on 28th May 16 - 1st Jun 16
View on Amazon.co.uk


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