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Peak of Love is a collection of poems that when read all together, tell a couple’s story. The poems discuss topics like love, life and death, loss, healing, hope, break-ups, migration by telling a story from both the male and female partner’s point of view. For those who seek it, love is plenty. Positive thinking, forgiveness, self love, a hunger and appreciation for life is what helps us move forward even if everything seems bleak.

This book will help you delve deep into the depths of sorrow so you can find your way up to the peak of love and discover the joy it brings.

‘Oh Lord, Almighty, High,
By your grace lovers may never die’

You look familiar, have I seen you before?
There are many words we have yet to speak.
Where the rain rises, and mountains peak.
Your eyes were gleaming, my heart was soar.
And when the minutes began to roar,
From now until forever more,
Where the forests turned into light before the end of a mile,
And faded away like the fire of the night.
Where the tears of a thousand lovers ran like the Nile.
There you have tried to wear my smile.
Your hands are small, mine are too big.
Where the ants became giants I have heard you speak:

‘Love is a jewel we all seek,
Even if everything turns bleak.’

You said my lips tasted like the sweetest candy,
And I said yours tasted like the salt of the ocean.
Weren’t we the ones who touched the sky?
And made the clouds rain when the summer was dry.
My tears evaporate each day on sun set,
And condensed to fall the next day.
There we marveled at the light of the night,
And we kissed until our lips ran dry.

You told me to let the sun rise and stars fall.

We were where the night and day were put to shreds.
And where a dream from my childhood threads,

I am here whenever you call,
You told me that love is not for all.

Free on 16th - 18th Nov 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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