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Author: Genre: Length: Novella

Free on 19th - 21st Jul 19
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Free Your Emotions!

Emotional Freedom Tapping Method

The Author’s done it again. This time, he explains how tapping on a few selected acupuncture points will reduce or eliminate various emotional states such as phobias, anxiety, stress, lack of confidence and so on…

If you don’t suffer from any emotional problem, you can grab a free book at http://paulardennes.com to thank you for your time.

??? Will this book Help me?

If you have any form of emotional problem, sure it will.

??? Is it complicated to use?

If you can tap with your fingers on some points on your face, your hand and body, then that is how complicated it gets. You just add a sentence about what you want to solve and you’re sorted.

??? Does it take long?

10 to 20 minutes depending on the problem you want to sort out. You will grade the intensity of the problem at the start of the method. At every stage, you regrade until the intensity is close to zero.

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Free on 19th - 21st Jul 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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