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Author: Genre: Length: Novelette

Free on 5th - 9th Jun 19
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Do you want to learn about the ancient Japanese healing art of Reiki? Download this book now to start reading on your Kindle, iPad, PC, MacBook, browser, or smartphone!

Reiki is the practice of using the body’s natural energy to heal. It has been used to improve mood, depression, illness, injury, addiction, and basic well-being. Anyone can receive Reiki, as it is safe, gentle, non-invasive, and without negative side effects. Those who practice Reiki perform it daily on themselves, and also may perform it on friends or family, or in a professional setting.

Reiki is based on the belief that energy flows through all living things. If that energy becomes blocked or stagnant it can lead to illness and other forms of poor well-being. By placing his or her hands on or even above a client’s body, a Reiki practitioner can transfer positive energy to that person, helping them relax, relieve stress, and improve the mental, physical, and emotional conditions that may be causing them discomfort.

This healing energy is being used to help a variety of conditions, including depression, stress, addiction, injury, illnesses such as cancer, HIV, and Alzheimer’s, pain, and discomfort from Western treatments such as chemotherapy.

Reiki is performed by the practitioner placing his or her hands in a series of positions on or in the space over the subject’s body. This sequence of hand positions is thought to clear blockages in the body’s energy pathways, and to channel healing energy into the places where it is needed. Those receiving Reiki treatment typically report feeling warmth and tingling, as well as deep relaxation, during a session. They may be driven to seek out Reiki for general well-being, emotional issues such as depression, and illness or injury. Most report improvement in those conditions, as well as general relaxation and stress reduction, from the very first visit.

This ancient healing art is being used in private practice, alone, as a complement to other treatment modalities, in research, and in clinical and hospital settings, including a number of prestigious research hospitals around the world!

In this book you will learn:

What is Reiki?
The history of Reiki
Reiki and chakras
The benefits of Reiki
The five Reiki principles
The three pillars of Reiki
Research on Reiki
Experiencing Reiki
How to become a Reiki practitioner
How to practice Reiki on yourself

So scroll up and click on the Buy button, and begin your journey to discover what this ancient healing power is all about!

Free on 5th - 9th Jun 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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