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Free on 23rd Sep 18
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He lurks behind the counter in a run-down Edinburgh cafe

… and he’s the last person they want Rosy to meet.

Say hello to Frank. Say hello to a fast-paced, darkly sparkling mystery with no sleuths, no detectives and (almost) no dead bodies.

A beautiful student discovers her beastly dad

Career-obsessed Rosy has mapped out her future. She’s even picked the biotech company she’ll join after she graduates. She has nothing but contempt for Frank, her absentee father, the murderer’s son, the beast who raped her mother when they were both still in school.

Rosy, though, can’t control all the variables and when boyfriend trouble upsets her plans for the summer, she almost meets Frank. The close encounter coaxes her to pay a visit to the dingy cafe where he works and there she finds a man who doesn’t seem quite the monster she’s been told about. Soon, Rosy has wangled what she thinks will be an easy job—to transform the cafe and rescue it from closure. She’s yet to become acquainted with the real Frank.

Because Frank is hiding things. Terrible things. There are reasons Rosy’s stepdad and even Frank’s own mother despise him, reasons her mother left the mesmerising Frank and never wants him back. And Rosy has secrets of her own. A battle of wills becomes a quest for truth in a summer where Rosy must learn learn that love costs—but so does walking away.

The Frank Friendship Series

The story of a murderer’s son, told in a series of interlocking novels

Each book in the series is unique, non-genre, unpredictable. And though each tells a complete story, they connect as clues in an epic mystery. Screw Friendship begins the Frank Friendship series—an off-kilter world of secrets, murder and weird relationships.

Look inside, then climb into the passenger seat beside Rosy for an emotional swerve-drive that will take you somewhere you didn’t expect. And start to discover the real Frank Friendship.

Free on 23rd Sep 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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Reader (Micro Reviews)

"It tries to be dark and gritty, but to me it just came off as sordid and a little sad. None of the characters were likeable enough to keep me reading - that took sherry. It might appeal to people in the area, readers with more tolerance for mis-lit and ps"
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