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Free from: 23rd May 17 to 25th May 17
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You can acquire the wisdom to solve every problem you face. You can learn for yourself what made Solomon the Wise and Buddha the Enlightened One.
The most successful men and women of all ages, the ones who created miraculous results–and sometimes changed the world–discovered that the universe is run on strict and unchanging principles that anyone can understand but no one can violate without severe consequences. They discovered that, contrary to today’s “conventional wisdom”, knowledge is NOT the key to solving problems, but principles are the key to real wisdom–and real wisdom is the key to actually solving problems and achieving a life of fulfillment and genuine happiness.
For over two decades of studying history’s great masters and applying their teachings, Eldon Grant has acquired an unconventional wisdom through which he turned his own life of limitations, failures and frustration into one of fulfillment, prosperity and happiness.
How do you acquire wisdom?
As a society, we believe our amazing technology and vast databases of knowledge make us wise, yet the 21st Century has seen as much conflict, frustration and unnecessary problems as any previous age. Ideas that should be empowering us are crushing us because we don’t understand and apply them correctly. Only returning to core principles founded on right character will enable you to acquire the wisdom you need to solve problems so they never return.
Our culture has lost its ability to teach principles to our citizens and as a result, we have lost major traction from our previous successes. Reading this book and applying what you learn here will lead you to ancient wisdom with which you can harvest whatever future you choose.
In reading this book, you’ll discover:The truth about the truth–and the lie society calls “conventional wisdom.”Almost everything you’ve been taught about success is dead wrong.How principles lead to wisdom, enabling you to harness the laws of creation.The one and only thing in your life (and business) that you have direct control over. The one thing that determines everything about your future.And so much more!
So, “Cowboy up!” or “Cowgirl up!”, live every day with integrity, courage, passion and go catch your dreams!

Free from: 23rd May 17 to 25th May 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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