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Free on 15th - 19th Feb 17
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Don’t buy this book if you just want to learn a little holiday Spanish. Buy this book if you love the language and now want to speak like a native.

Spanish for Geniuses is an advanced learners manual divided into two parts. Part one is a complete guide to grammar designed to help you eliminate all those common and not-so-common ‘gringo’ mistakes with box-outs highlighting differences between English and Spanish.

To get you using your Spanish with fluency, part two gives you the key phrases and vocabulary you need, divided into conversation category; from expressing your feelings to telling a joke to getting your car fixed.

With this book you’ll no longer be stuck for words. Now you’ll have the tools to say in Spanish almost all the things you are used to saying in English.

What’s covered in the book
oDetailed explanations on all grammar including verb tenses, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, participles and the subjunctive.
oBox-outs highlighting the differences between English and Spanish grammar.
oTranslation lists.
oA comprehensive ‘how do you say?’ section covering phrases to use in all types of conversations including how to talk about feelings and ideas, give and receive advice, organize an event and even tell a joke.

Free on 15th - 19th Feb 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


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