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Free on 4th Oct 16
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Self-love teacher and author, Marie Therese Batt, empowers women to love themselves and get excited about their life on her site,

So many women believe that they’re not worthy of a good life, love, respect and happiness. They think that this kind of life belongs to the select few, and definitely not to them.

They say, “You either have it or you don’t.” It’s like being an heiress – you’re either born into wealth, or you’re not, right?

Not necessarily. And that’s where The Heiress Project steps in, and revolutionizes not only this traditional view of “heiress”, but also challenges your negative concepts about yourself and your life.

This book sets out to show that you’re an heiress – not because your wealthy, but because you already have something that no other woman has:

Your life, full of your unique qualities, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. This life is your abundance, but only if you see it that way.

And this guidebook shows you how to do just that.

In The Heiress Project,you’ll learn how to:

o Love who you are

o Overcome 27 + fears

o Overcome perfectionism, insecurity and inferiority

o Discover your beliefs, values and opinions, and learn to make decisions that align with them

o Speak your truth and live authentically

o Develop meaningful relationships

This is not about entitlement, because nothing is handed to you. Instead, you embrace your life and make it true and authentic.

You won’t need to wait for others to love you, or to make your life better, because you’ll love yourself from the inside out.

It’s not a guidebook for quick fixes, but it’s every girl’s guide to beginning a journey toward wholeness, worthiness, and loving yourself like crazy.

Free on 4th Oct 16
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