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Author: Genre: (, , ) Length: Short Story

Bargain on 14th - 18th Nov 18
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Evening. An alleyway. Light spills from the open door of a Japanese restaurant onto a pile of food scraps. Someone deeply unhappy and lonely finds something in this pile that makes him instantly happy. And then… Well then, as always, follows a brief romance with a tragicomic ending.

Bargain on 14th - 18th Nov 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


"Highly recommended for a 15 minute coffee break read."

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Having found a fish lying in the street, the unnamed lead character takes it in and gives it a home. Surprisingly it survives and they become friends. When he tries to find out what kind of fish it is, he is told it is a human fish. But when he develops cancer, the only cure he is offered is to eat his friend...

This is an a darkly humourous short story, with a great twist in the tale. What's more is you cannot tell where the lines between reality and madness are until the end of the book. A lot is packed in for such a short story, and you can easily read it through in a break. To say any more would spoil it.

Also, as this is a translation from a Russian Tale, not only does it captures the dark humour well, but the English version does not feel like a translation but an original tale in its own right.

For a quick, tragi-comic tale, it is recommended.

Rating: 4

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