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An intricate tale of everlasting love that spans the fragile bridge between life and death

A captivating series showcasing several generations of women with an extraordinary gift and a tumultuous period in America?s history that honored the brave and the foolhardy.

Independence, Missouri, 1853: Mary and Norton Beecroft share a love like no other. They have endured their share of heartache and tragedy but a new life now awaits them in the promised land of California. Along with their young daughter Lucy and their twin sons, Mary and Norton plan to leave Independence, Missouri with a wagon train bound for a state so wondrous it has been referred to as the golden future of the rapidly growing country of America.

However, the Beecroft family are different from most. With a history on his wife’s side stretching back many generations to the gypsies of Europe and an undoubted (but little understood) gift shared by the women in the family since time immemorial, Norton has his work cut out trying to understand his womenfolk.

Join the folks of the wagon train as this little community makes it slow way across the great plains to a new future. Share their joys and triumphs, heartbreaks and hopes, and lose yourself in a more simple and adventurous world than the one we know today.

A series to enthrall you, engage you and have you questioning all that you thought you knew

Fans of Austin Chant, C.J. Archer, and Simone St. James will love this series.
The reader becomes so totally invested in the story that they must continue with the next book
…when I finally got my hands on it, I read it in two days
A great love story

The Knowing (Book 2) is the first full-size novel in the series and preceded by Mary Ellen (a novelette).

Book 3, Cutter’s Mill and Book 4, Lucy?s War are available on Amazon.

Free on 28th - 29th Aug 19
View on Amazon.co.uk


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