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The Anthology – Explore Eight Books in The Living Part of a Myth Series

In these powerful first-hand accounts, explorer M.G. Hawking reveals the fabled landscapes and profound knowledge of a lost world. On an extended trek in the Himalayan Range he discovers a village deep in the mountains where he encounters extraordinary individuals—introduced to him as “masters” and “adepts”—possessed of knowledge and power virtually unknown to the Western world. His discovery marks the beginning of a series of adventures and experiences; the evolution of relationships with the remarkable people he meets, an encounter with a phenomenal woman most aptly described as a goddess, the esoteric teachings he receives, a captivating quest to retrieve ancient arcane manuscripts, and far more.

These groundbreaking narratives take us on a voyage through space and time, from the vast peaks of the Himalayan Range to the remote deserts of Egypt, occasionally ranging far back through the ages, for the origin of the power of the masters is ancient. The Living Part of a Myth series was offered in limited edition print form in the Pacific Northwest — Excerpts from reader reviews submitted to the Wisdom Masters Press website:

“Deeply impressive. A rare glimpse of the ancient arts of adepts and sages, the book is filled with descriptions, conversations and adventures with the people who know and preserve the arcane wisdom of an occult world.” —James S.

“A wonderful book that has at once the resonance of truth. A classic and a life changer.” —Willow S.

“A truly magical book, witty, riveting, seriously difficult to put down. A treasure trove of knowledge and a map to the sacred.” —Jackie R.

“Stunning . . . an engaging variety of writing, of wit, of knowledge, of romance and wonder. From the viewpoint of a lifetime of reading, I can say without hesitation that this book has no equivalent.” —Heather M.

ABOUT THIS VOLUME: It has been our experience that anyone who reads books in our series finds that they want the people closest to them—constant companions, friends, associates, acquaintances—to read them as well. But where to start? The Living Part of a Myth has four books in the primary series (with the next coming early in 2016), along with eight companion volumes. It is a large body of work, altogether consisting of some 550,000 words. Several of our readers suggested that we assemble a sampler to allow people to browse and thereby get an idea of where they may wish to begin. Some may simply want to read the four books in the primary series; others may want to read in the companion volumes to focus precisely on specific topical and methodological material. First U.S. Edition, 59,540 words. The table of contents will be helpful –

Table of Contents


About the Author

About Wisdom Masters Press

The Living Part of a Myth, Five Years in the Valley of Masters – A Book Series

Excerpts from Book One – A Discovery of an Unparalleled Kind

Excerpts from Book Two – A Series of Extraordinary Events

Excerpts from Book Three – Antiquity, Three Crowns, and a Princess Revealed

Excerpts from Book Four – Through a Looking Glass Several Hundred Thousand Years Old

Excerpts from Kalika-Khenmetaten, The Supreme Egyptian Adept, Ancient Secret Knowledge of the Great Female Master

Excerpts from Ri-iha-mo – Tibetan Mountain Goddess, Legend of the Himalaya

Excerpts from Interview with an Oracle

Excerpt from The Butterfly – A Short Story of Life, Mystery, and the Impossibility of Endings

Afterward to U.S. Editions

Reference Guide – Individuals Appearing in the Series

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Bargain on 9th - 13th Mar 19
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