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Is the fear of rejection holding you back from taking massive action towards your dreams? Do you refrain from asking for what you want because of the fear of getting a NO? Do you depend on the opinions of others to define your self-esteem? I know rejection hurts. We have all been there.

We are wired to take it too personally when we get rejected, we base our self worth on the rejection and we feel less than each time it. Yes I know it hurt so much. So we avoid it and our avoidance kills the joy out of our life.

But really, fear of rejection is a trick of the mind that can only take away your power and freedom when you don’t understand it. However you can become free of this fear of rejection and take consistent proactive action by decoding it. By taking action in the face of your fear of rejection, you take your life back from the quagmire of misery the fear of rejection pushes you into and get to live your life it boldness.

In The Rejection Cure, James Haforlarin brings a fresh approach to overcoming the fear of rejection by going beneath what we fear with the latest findings in neurology and psychology. He decodes what we call fear and then he puts you through how to overcome it and thrive in spite of it.

Here are some of the things you will learn in The Rejection Cure;

1. The two subconscious tools fears use to stop you from taking action
2. The two highly effective mindfulness approaches to beat fear and take action every time
3. The three mindset shifts that will bring you a clearer understanding of what rejection in the real world is.
4. The 4 subtle attitudes of taking No better so it doesn’t hurt so much (and how to get Yes after the No)
5. The 4 behaviors that will increase your chances of getting Yes to your request.
6. How To stand up for your personal space and say no boldly to unwanted requests without causing conflict
7. And much more

In this easy to read guide, you will learn how to overcome your fear of rejection and stop seeking approval from people. You will learn how to be self sufficient and boldly ask for what you ask. You will learn how to overcome self doubt and the stubborn inferiority complex that you don’t deserve what you want, in the pages you will realize that rejection is more about the people you ask than about you.

But that’s not all, you will learn persuasion too, because the way you make your request is king. You will learn the behavior of those people who everyone want to help. You will learn how to not only want something but how to ask and get it!

The first thing you will learn is the make up of fear, what it is and how it stops you and then you will learn to desensitize yourself from all the lies you tell yourself as you are about to make your requests.

Once you can take away the lies you tell yourself, you will learn what rejection really is how it’s different from what we tell ourselves. After learning that, all that will be left is your biggest boldest self not inhibited by the shackles of your natural wiring and false beliefs. Then the later chapters will configure your boldest self to be the super persuasive person who gets Yes almost every time.

All you have to do now is ask yourself – what would you do if fear doesn’t hold you back any longer? You will realize that the future seems so bright and promising all of a sudden.

Now don’t wait anymore. The Fear is not going away until you learn the rejection cure.

So go to the top of this page and purchase this book right now so you can learn how to be free of the fear of rejection

Free on 8th - 10th Sep 17
View on Amazon.co.uk


No reviews yet.

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