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Free on 13th - 17th Nov 18
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10 Spine Chilling True Ghost Stories And Hauntings, Unexplained Mysteries And True Paranormal Hauntings

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‘Flickering lights, shattering glasses, banging items, whirling wind and haunting sounds’. What comes to your mind when you come across one or more of these occurrences? Well, some would say, an earthquake. I won’t dispute that.

But have you ever thought of an encounter with a ghost or anything paranormal and their connection to the mentioned occurrences? You probably have experienced such but shrugged it off, which begs the question, do you believe in ghosts?

Talk to a few people and the majority will tell you of their paranormal experience or at least one they have heard of. Many people believe phenomena such as ghosts, spirits, demons, etc. to be nothing but mythical creatures.

Most of these people are in denial of their existence because humans are usually afraid of the extraordinary and things they don’t understand. Paranormal activities have existed since time immemorial. Even in religious books such as the Bible, there are accounts of demon possession which have been recorded.

Some of the paranormal events have also gone unsolved and existed as mysteries, to date. To try and understand these mysteries some have been expressed through movies such as ‘The Conjuring’, ‘Annabelle’ and the ‘Exorcist’.

There are many stories of paranormal phenomena. Some will give you nightmares and others you will find very freaky, creepy and scary as many people do. If you are still not sure if there exists such a thing as a ghost or demon, download this book now!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

True Paranormal – The Ghost of GjonTrue Paranormal – The Poltergeist Experiences: The Berini HauntingsTrue Paranormal – The Hero Grandma and Her NecklaceTrue Paranormal – The Shadow in TexasTrue Paranormal – The Ghost of Mr HinesTrue Paranormal – The Hauntings at Borley RectoryTrue Paranormal – Stubborn Spirits of ManilaTrue Paranormal – Shadows in the DarkMuch, much more!

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$2.99! If true ghost stories, hauntings and unexplained phenomena make your spine tingle then download this book now!

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Free on 13th - 17th Nov 18
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