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Free on 9th - 13th Feb 18
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“Please stand for the Daughter of Winter, the Slayer of Demons, the Heir to the Throne, her Royal Highness, the Lady Wynter.”

Wyn thought everything would be unicorns and rainbows once she reached her mother’s palace.

The last things she expected were assassination attempts, the Summer King readying for war and, worst of all, frilly dresses.

But all of that is pushed to the side when one of her Guardians needs her help. They’re hers. And she’ll protect them while keeping her vow to protect the Realm. No matter the cost.

***This is the second novel in the Daughter of Winter series. While the bestselling first book, Winter Princess, was released as a serial, this is a full-length novel. 18+***

The Daughter of Winter Series

#0 Prequel: Mother of Gods (Breaking the Myth Anthology, ASIN: B078J4SFJP)

#1 Winter Princess

#1.5 Spin-off: Demon’s Revenge (ASIN: B078J8B1M4)

#2 Winter Heiress

#3 Winter Queen

Free on 9th - 13th Feb 18
View on Amazon.co.uk


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