You might have noticed a change to the header recently, with a link to Bargain books. We’ve now combined Bookangel and BargainBookangel into the same site, meaning the 99p runs can be featured on the site along with free ebooks.

We’ve done this for a few reasons: it maintains the same URL for submitted books and reviews, makes it easier to link reviews and reduces duplicate content. With 27,000+ books on the site, this is fairly major concern. It also saves overheads as there is now only one database and system to manage, and books that are free and then go to 99p can transition naturally to the Bargain section.

Our next stage is to integrate the Bargain ebooks with the free ebook email. While our focus will still be on Free ebooks, we’d like to add Bargain books – especially where we don’t have any free ebooks in a category for a day!

The Bargain books do have our affiliate tag on them, and we’re hoping this will cover the cost of an Amazon Prime account that would let us review bargain books without incurring extra cost.

We hope you had a Happy Halloween and a safe Bonfire Night.


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