Well it has been a mixed year. While we got off to a strong start, with our IT guru out of action for six months from June, there were few updates to the site and the membership elements have paused. It wasn’t all bad: we have over 3,000 more twitter followers, an integration that got our reviews mentions in mainstream media, and the newspaper reviews reached more people than ever.

On a brighter note, we did manage to add bargain books last month, and now that tirial is back we have more things going on. Kobo ebooks are being added, not just as part of this site but also on our new sister site ebookangel.co.uk which will launch live in the new year featuring epub ebooks.

And in breaking news from the last 24 hours? Bookangel can now leave Amazon UK reviews, as well as reviewing on Goodreads, so books we really like will get a bit more of a boost, and these are verified purchases. Just remember we take no compensation for reviews.

And in really breaking news, we’ve found out how to get a Facebook page up and integrated without exposing the reviewers to threats. (If only certain authors had shown the same creativity in their books…). So hopefully, next year, the membership system will be up and running.

And finally, we lost one of our members. Stephen the bibliocat, aged 14 (60 in human years) died suddenly in October of cancer. We all miss him very much. Meetings are not the same without trying to stop a feline nose swiping the kindles.

So that was 2016. It could have been better, and from what we’ve heard from our members, most of you agree!

From all of us, have a Happy Christmas and may many new pages be turned!


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