Kobo on Bookangel’s main site is one of our most requested features. With WH Smith and Waterstones customers refered to Kobo, it supports a large section of the UK ebook market.

Well, here it is.

In the last few days, sharp-eyed readers noticed that the header changed, the categories changed, the review page broke briefly (sorry) and a host of other small changes.

Here’s the big one: Beta: Submit your Kobo book.

We originally launched support for Kobo deals through ebookangel.co.uk, but customers complained about signing up for two emails. So behind the scenes we’ve been integrating the sites. Kobo-only titles and promos can be listed on Bookangel, will show on the site, and go out in the email. The mailing lists have been integrated, which is why subscribers can now choose Amazon, Kobo, or both on the personalised email.

Here’s an example of what a Kobo-focused listing looks like: Kobo Book Listing

There is further work to do: Twitter, Sidebar, Sponsor, and the homepage updates are to follow, as is an update to the Book Browse. We will be merging any duplicate listings and possibly the submit forms as the next stage of development, so for books on both one listing will handle both Amazon and Kobo depending on where the sale is.

The only drawback we have found is that Kobo does not supply all its books to third-parties so if your book isn’t one they supply, we can’t list it.

We’d love your feedback, and some extra listings to work with. Any authors willing to add their Kobo-only titles to the site, please do! We’re looking forward to seeing them.


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