The newspaper column for June 2016 has been released, which is a little bittersweet as it will be unexpectedly the last column in the run. This is because this edition of the paper covers three months, as a summer special, and the next paper is due in September (if this matches the student readership’s residence, who are we to comment?).

On the other hand, what a send-off! We were given twice the space, to run a full half page of reviews, and are on the inside back page. There are a full eight books, and a small note at the bottom to say bye to our readers – and, rather cheekily, ask them to have a word with the paper and keep our run going!

We managed to get everything from romance to thrillers to humour this month. The books featured are:

To read full column click the image

To read full column click the image

The Secret Notebook of Sherlock Holmes by Liz Hedgecock
Deadly Coast by RE McDermott
Cross Fire: Thomas Blume Book 4 by P.T.Reade
Malala’s Mission for the World by Aida Zaciragic
Yetunde: An Ode to my Mother by Segilola Salami
Sewing can be Dangerous by S.R. Mallory
The Criers’ Club by Kimberley A. Bettes.
Diary of a Single Wedding Planner by Violet Howe

We hope you’ve enjoyed the read. If you want to support getting more indie book reviews in the papers, we have a patreon here:

Thanks for reading!


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