We’ve been contacted by more than a few authors and readers somewhat upset at the end of the newspaper column. While we have reached out to other papers, syndicates, and possible sponsors, nothing is likely to come in in time to run an August column, which we would have to file by 15th July.

Given this, we’re trying out a suggestion from one of the authors, called Patreon. Instead of sponsoring the site, or the reviews, we have set up a campaign to sponsor the reviews column in the paper. Click here for details. Funded this way, the total cost of the column (including Patreon overheads, currency conversion, etc.) would be around $200 per month. We’re offering a range of rewards, from $1 to $100 sponsorships, and hope to raise part of the funds to support it. The rest comes from the club kitty.

If we can get any of the corporate sponsors, or a different newspaper deal, this will become unnecessary, but that could take weeks or months, so in the meantime, if you’d like us to keep the column running, please pledge:



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