The Croydon Citizen came out yesterday. The next set of reviews are on page 5, and with the included covers in colour this time.

“Dinosaur Lake” by K. Meyer Griffiths – a monster story and adventure, when a dinosaur arises from a lake.
“The Death Planner” by Gillan Larkin – a cozy mystery about an amateur sleuth, her ghosts and her bric-a-brac shop.
“Night Market” by the Tapei Writing Group – an anthology of stories set around the Night Markets of Taiwan.
“On the Edge of Sunrise” by Cynthia Ripley Miller – A historical romance set in Roman-controlled Gaul.

Croydon Citizen March 2016

Croydon Citizen March 2016

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We’ve got four more columns to run, so if you’d like to see the reviews carry on, let the paper know you’re reading it.


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