For the last couple of days the site has been erratic. We would like to apologise to all our readers for any inconvenience, and to the authors who notified us that they could not submit their books. If this happens again, please tell us so we can fix it.

This happened because the web-host changed our server without notifying us, and in the process corrupted several files and our database. The result was ongoing issues over the last two days including a two-hour outage on Tuesday morning and another a three-hour one on Wednesday night. The data has been recovered, the site is back, and we would like to thank Ragged Angel Ltd for spending Wednesday evening on the phone with our hoster for us to get the site back so fast.

At the present time the site is still having resource issues. This is because the memory available was reduced – initially to below that needed for WordPress to run – despite the fact we upgraded last year. Because of this, certain facilities such as search may need to be taken down temporarily, but we are planning a fix.

A major site upgrade is planned for Fri 8pm to Sat 8am GMT. This will take the site down for nearly 12 hours, but result in major improvements and a faster, better, site. We are hoping for a quiet day, but if there are any issues, we may move it up to this evening.

And we’d like to thank everyone for the cat pictures and well-wishes last night. When we sat down with tea, biscuits, Matt Vol 1, and A Murder of Crones, we weren’t expecting this.

UPDATE: After the issue mentioned below we’re moving the update to tonight (and thanks Ragged Angel, for getting back so fast). The update will begin at 6pm, and close at 7a.m. Friday. The actual upgrade is only expected to take a couple of hours, and the site will still be available, although during the actual transfer book submissions will be blocked.

If you have any questions please ask below.


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