2041 Sanctuary (Dark Descent) (Ancient Origins)

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2041 Sanctuary (Dark Descent) (Ancient Origins)

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...How has a book this good been so overlooked? Beautifully written British sci-fi, with suspense, action and mystery....

How has a book this good been so overlooked? While listed as a mystery-thriller, strong sci-fi elements (asteroids, strange creatures, hidden military organsations) make this closer to classic British sci-fi (think John Wyndham). It is beautifully written and on a level with anything I have seen from larger imprints. Sanctuarian Publishing are a single house with one author, but if all their releases are this quality I look forward to their future catalogue.

While this is the second book, it can be read standalone. I haven’t read book one, and I had no problems following the story. An asteroid has struck earth, kicking up a dust cloud that blocks out the sun. At the same time, an amazing discovery has been made beneath the earth…and I’m saying no more to avoid spoilers.

I have no complaints about presentation. Formatting, layout, grammar; no errors really stood out to me. It even included embedded images – torn notes and the like – without error or adversely affecting layout.

The plot and storyline are gripping, the characters complex and realistic and the writing style immersive and easy to follow. I was called away several times while reading it, and each time putting this down was a wrench. I’ll be going back to re-read it in my own time.

Sci-fi fans, read now. Action-adventure and thriller readers should do the same.

Rating: 4
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