A Boo-tiful Halloween

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A Boo-tiful Halloween

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...A children's book, written in rhyme and nicely illustrated, this is an early reader, designed to be read with a parent....

A children’s book, written in rhyme and nicely illustrated, this is an early reader, designed to be read with a parent. The text flows well, with a real rhythm to it, the use of alliteration makes it easy for children to read, and the puns are funny. The images are suitable for young children and displayed nicely on the kindle.

To be really picky, one rhyme doesn’t quite work in some English accents (‘fall’ and ‘ghoul’), and the pale text used for the word ghost is hard to read on the kindle, but that is just nitpicking. Overall it is a good children’s book for this time of year.

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rz3300 (29 September 2016)
I am always looking for more interesting and ones that are a little unconventional, and this sounds like it really fits that mold so I am interested to read this one. I like a good rhyme scheme, and good illustrations are always a plus.

clair02 (2 October 2016)
This sounds like a wonderful book to add to my daughter's collection. She loves reading books that have bright and vivid illustrations. She also loves books that have rhymes and I know she's going to love reading this one too.

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