A Kiss on the Wind

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A Kiss on the Wind

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...A sentimental romance about two people in love before they have to separate....

It is December 1941 and Charles Colvert has decided to enlist after the attack on Pearl Harbour. While filling out the paperwork and taking the physical he thinks back to his girlfriend Emily and what she will think of his decision. Sweethearts for a while and planning to marry, his enlistment will come before they can wed and put it off for as long as the war lasts. But Charles has as idea which could solve this. While Emily is away shopping, he visits her parents to both ask for Emily’s hand in marriage and set up a surprise wedding. With the help of his own family and friends, he puts the plan into motion. When Saturday comes around, he starts by taking Emily out for a meal, leaving the rest in the hands of those he has asked. All he has to do is get Emil y to the church in time.

This is a historical romance based around the time of World War two and covering several of the timely themes including duty and the knowledge and fear of what enlisting meant for the men who would then spend months or years away from home. The plot is straightforward covering the last few days of a couple before they are forced apart by circumstance. Reading it, only two of those days are mentioned. The day he enlists and then the Saturday it all happens. In some ways cutting it down leaves a lot out, but it does gives focus to those special moments instead. Charles and Emily as the main characters are sweet and in love, aware of the uncertain future they face. Charles drive to both do his duty and enlist and honour his love for Emily are central to the events and his intentions are well shown by the actions and words. Emily is likewise as open to the reader about her worries for her future. The friends and families around do not play as much of a part but their roles are just as vital in showing the impact of the two protagonists on them. Initially The writing didn’t really click with me. I wasn’t sure if it was the writing or something else, but the story just seemed a little too cut and dried for my liking. But when I looked back and read it over again, I found myself being drawn in to what was happening. The tale seemed to have more emotional impact the second time around for whatever reason.

The layout of the story was fine, with each section neatly broken up, although I did encounter some strange formatting issues towards the end of the book.

Overall, it is a great, sentimental, romance about two people in love before they have to separate.

Rating: 4
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