A Knight’s Quest for the Holy Grail

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A Knight's Quest for the Holy Grail

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Woken by his trusty steed Percy, the good knight Lance rouses himself to go forth on an adventure to save his princess, the lovely Alexandra. Having encountered her as she walked to the university and smitten by her looks, he had followed her to make her acquaintance. Despite owning a dragon, Lance is not put off and by some miracle his feelings of love are reciprocated. As her knight, he must carry out quests to save her and this time it is to find the Holy Grail. After exchanging morning pleasantries with his neighbourly witch, he sets out into the forest to find his prize. After a while, he begins to realise he is lost, until he is rescued by the resident, homeless, Ogre, who agree to take him to the Holy Grail in return for a drink when they arrive. But when he arrives and finds the Holy Grail, he is irresistibly drawn to take a drink of his own from the chalice and with one draft, his world melts away.

This is an excellent short story with a clever twist half way through, which takes it from being a fairly simple fantasy romance into something which is much deeper. The characters start out as caricatures of those you would expect in such a story, but they have blossomed into those you can relate to by the end. In many ways, it is not the plot of the story that matters, but the characters central to it and their interactions that bind the story together. The plot is fairly simple, but that simplicity works with it, as the dual telling that occurs works so well for it. As the story mentions, it may not be the quest that matters, but the reasons for it that is important. The writing is cleverly descriptive and takes full advantage of both the ongoing story and the twist to give a clever dual meaning to everything. The book is well formatted and edited, I didn’t see any spelling mistakes or other errors. There are also mentions of other works by the author, so if you enjoy the work, then there are several more to choose from.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this one, especially by the ending and should be one for readers who enjoy romance perhaps more than fantasy.

Rating: 4
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