A Photograph with an Horse

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A Photograph With An Horse

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You know you are in for something different when the title of the book has a clear mistake in it. I’m sure this review will now be as riddled with mistakes as the book is. Oh well, let’s dive in.

Cleaning up his desk, Willy finds a photo and reminisces on it. 10 years ago, after his friend invites him to go ride horses at his Uncle’s stables, he sneaks out and comes across Aly, who is taking her horse to the Uncle’s stables. When he enquires as to what she is doing, she takes it badly and refuses to tell him. When he complains to his friend John, John takes Aly’s side and explains what is happening and why Aly is having to give up her horse. Her father is ill and she needs the money to pay for his treatment. When they get to the stables, Aly has already passed her horse across and John’s uncle offers the first ride of the horse to Willy. Despite her tears, Aly lets the horse go, but Willy is unable to ride it as it refuses to let him and the Uncle recognises that it does not want to be trained from it’s desire to be with it’s previous owner. Realising everything that Aly has given up, Willy and John pool their money to buy the horse back, so they can return it to Aly.

This is a short story with a simple moral at it’s heart of doing good deeds for other people and how it can bring you happiness. That’s the good part and it is a moral worth telling. Unfortunately, the story is the biggest problem to understanding the message that it is trying to tell. I will give some passes as it is very obvious English is not the first language of the author, but this really, really needed someone who is more fluent in the both the grammar and spelling of the language to take a look and correct the glaring errors that exist on every page. The cover piece is also referenced in the story and is the item that starts of the entire memory trail. It would have been nice if it could have matched the description of the photo, but it is close enough. The characters are inconsistent, although it is difficult to completely assign any thoughts of motives to them, as it changes as required by the story. Also, I’m surprised at two young men finding ten thousand dollars for someone they have never met before, even if they are trying to do something nice. Willy doe snot come across as the greatest person as he sneaks out of the house then takes offence at Aly’s comments without thinking. Considering this is supposed to be the author of the book, then you have to wonder why they are writing it.

Also worth noting is that the eBook contains just the story, no author’s notes, no table of contents, just the story which is not even split into chapters, although given it’s length, those are not required.

Overall, despite the sweet moral, the litany of errors throughout the book really make this difficult to get through, unless you enjoy a challenge, which this book certainly will be.

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