A Very Strange Zoo

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A Very Strange Zoo

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...An ideal book for parent's to read to their children as a bedtime story....

An strange inventor lives all a lonely life by himself on an island. The rest of the island has left because of all the noises he made while inventing. One day, he finds a book washed up on the beach describing a zoo and he resolves to make the animals from the bits of scrap that have washed ashore. But having made them, they are still inanimate objects, and the inventor is still lonely. But that night, lightning strikes the house, bringing his animals to life.

This is an enjoyable short children’s story that would be ideal for anyone of a young age, certainly as a bedtime read. The story is good fun and the characters are simple enough to understand. The younger readers will more than likely enjoy making the loud noises along with the story. The story is beautifully pictures with pencil illustrations, each of which neatly enhances the story ideological it. I didn’t see any spelling or grammar errors, although this will not matter to younger readers.

Overall, it’s an ideal book for parent’s to read to their children as a bedtime story.

Rating: 4
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